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I’m Paul Braren, this site’s creator, all around tinkerer, and as of October 28 of 2019, proud Dell Technologies employee, after exciting rides at Pivot3VMware, and 21 years of adventure at IBM. More of my career history below, and on LinkedIn.

As an IT Professional by trade, I’ve enjoyed a life-long passion for technology, both professionally and personally. In other words, getting the most out of technology is not just for my day job, it’s also my hobby. Like many of you, I also spend a lot of evenings and weekends fixing my extended family’s computers, seeking ways to get things done more effectively.

I started posting tips back in 1994, when I started a motherboard-related USENET newsgroup, while doing some visual perception research and later working on Windows NT and OS/2 work at Cornell University. I then moved into consulting and building custom PCs for folks locally in Connecticut. During my years at IBM, I went largely quiet for about 15 years as far as web content, contributing hundreds of tips to my company intranet for my peers. I then traveled to fascinating and not so fascinating customer locations in about 35 of these 50 United States, and got to go to a few other countries too, but given some secret clearance work I was doing, I continued to lay low. That all changed, for the better, read onward..

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