Chimirri’s Italian Pastry Shop

Contact: Lorena Chimirri
1075 Silas Dean Highway Wethersfield CT 06109 Work Phone: (860) 529-2527 Website:


Photo of Chimirri’s Italian Pastry Shop
Celebrating its 50 Year Anniversary, this well known establishment opened in 1970 by its founders, brothers Mario and Aldo Chimirri. Their passion for confectionery specialties and the art of gelato production was a serious dedication from the start.
Arriving in the US from the small town of Floridia, Sicily, the brothers opened the original Flora Pastry Shop on Franklin Avenue in the South End of Hartford. The shop was named in honor of their hometown in Sicily, and soon, they had more bakeries in both Avon and
Middletown. Mario became well known for his famous “Gelato” and Aldo had a beautiful gift
of decorating spectacular wedding cakes.
In 1990, they moved to Wethersfield and opened Chimirri’s Pastry Shop, renaming it
to their family name.
Continuing the tradition, the next generation of Chimirris have conducted business in a very special way. Mario’s children , Lorena and Guy,
with Nella (Mario’s wife) still keep Mario and Aldo’s dream alive…
In a world of ever changing economics, as many business owners maintain cost cutting measures and add less desirable ingredients to formulate their products, this dedicated establishment continues to keep a sharp focus on perfection by utilizing the same high quality ingredients used for many years. To this day, they continue to establish a regional reputation amongst the highest quality products produced in the confectionery world..
Upon entering the pastry shop, you are greeted by a beautiful display of traditional and regional
Italian confections, a wonderful variety of
pastries, an assortment of hand-made traditional Italian cookies and the fabulous gelato display showcasing the many delicious flavors which are an absolute delight (and seasonal April-October)Take in the aroma of the freshly baked biscotti as well as the traditional cheese cakes and specialty cakes!
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1075 Silas Dean Highway Wethersfield CT 06109